Penn celebrated 100 Years of Excellence in 2010. Starting in a small town in Jeanette, Pennsylvania in 1910.   Today, Penn is still America’s #1 One Selling Tennis Ball.   Penn Tennis balls are made with Extra-Duty felt for hard courts, Regular-Duty for softer courts (clay, grass) and Extra-Duty High Altitude for courts located in elevations of 4000+ feet above sea level.
Head is one of the most recognized names in the world of tennis racquets.   For example, Maria Sharapova, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Tommy Haas are just a few examples of famous tennis players using a Head racquet as their weapon of choice.   We now have a full selection of Head tennis racquets available at all our stores.
Now is the best Time to get our Great Service for Your Bicycle
We could not be prouder of our bicycle service department. In all our stores, the young people taking care of your precious bicycle are very professional mechanics.   Many of them are also accomplished bicycling competitors.   We have been servicing bicycles at the Preston Street Road Races, the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour and others, ever since their inauguration.   You can rest assured your bicycle is in good hands at Kunstadt Sports.

One of the most important features of a good bicycle is its proper fit.   We have the best possible state-of-the-art JUTEAU CANTIN Bicycle Fitting Platform.   We can now verify and precisely adjust saddle height, saddle setback, front stem length, saddle to handlebar distance, handlebar width, crank arm length, general rider position and much more.   Love of sports is what makes us great.
We are very proud of our home brand KUNSTADT bicycles.   They come in many styles, all sizes and they match a variety of tastes.   What they all have in common is great quality and a marvelously competitive pricing.   Every one of KUNSTADT bikes is priced significantly lower than any other, similarly equipped bicycle.   KUNSTADT bikes are made to our specifications by one of world’s most reputable bicycle manufacturers.

The “Kunstadt Ottawa” hybrid bike is equipped with an aluminum frame, 700 mm aluminum wheels, powerful brakes, rapid-fire shifting front and rear, well, you get the picture….   There are upgraded versions of the Ottawa named “Ottawa Sport” and “Ottawa Elite”.   Also in the line-up of Kunstadt bikes is the "Kanata" commuter bike with 700 mm aluminum wheels.   You should check out the “Gatineau 2.4”, our junior mountain bike boasting 24” aluminum wheels, grip shift and other features.   There are more models than we can possibly list here.   You owe it to yourself to test-ride one of these impressive bargains on two wheels. .
The Miele bike collection is designed in Canada by committed experts, and is sold exclusively by independent bike dealers such as Kunstadt Sports.   Miele bicycles suit the needs of any lifestyle and are a true value for cyclists looking for quality, style and pleasure in life.   The main objective of Miele is to convey its passion for bicycles.   From the first wobbly pedal strokes to fearless teenage tricks and relaxing rides, Miele is the perfect way to enjoy biking.

Freedom begins with the junior Miele bike!   First for discovering the neighbourhood, then visiting friends or up to daylong adventures.   They are designed with a lightweight aluminum frame and thin, high-performance tires, giving youngsters all they need to tag along with the big guys.

New Age Racquet Stringing
Our racquet service is second to none.  Your racquet will always be precision strung by a tennis expert, in the shortest time humanly possible. Often, we string racquets “while you wait”.   No matter whether you are in Kanata, South Bank Street or our newest location in the Glebe, we will take good care of you.

We have the Babolat Star 5 state-of-the-art stringers in both our Bank Street stores!!!   You will experience new levels of precision in string tension.   Our Kanata store has recently acquired the latest Prince 5000 electronic stringer, making our impressive collection of high-tech racquet stringers quite complete.   We very much enjoy the ease of operating all these ultra-modern masterpieces.
Summer weather is definitely and rapidly approaching. New bikes are arriving daily now.     We have added Scott, KHS and Rocky Mountain Bikes to our already impressive line-up of Devinci, Scott, Jamis, Raleigh and our house brand of Kunstadt bicycles.  Take advantage of great discounts on all 2013 and older bikes.

We are the bike service provider of choice for such prestigious events as the Preston Street Road Races, Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour and others.